What is this blog about…?

Hello Everyone,

welcome to “Learn the Power(of)Shell”!

I do not really want to tell you what this blog is about. Feel free to find it out on yourself.

But I would like to give you some hints, for a first impression:

PowerShell itself is a topic, which is primarily related with IT operations (installing and maintaining a windows based environment). But as this is a very complex task and the technical opportunities of the PowerShell scripting language are increasing, PowerShell scripts are getting more and more complicated. Therefore it will become essential to adapt the engineering approach of software development for PowerShell-Scripting.

This blog will start you off with some ideas regarding the topic: “PowerShell Scripting goes Software Development”

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming articles.

Best wishes

P.S.: If you are interested in some topics, please publish them in the comments. I will try to consider them in my next articles.
P.P.S.: I am not a native speaker – So if you are searching for great, well written, classic literature, you are definitely wrong here.


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