Not Finding Nemo, but Finding PowerShell-Functions and Solutions

Finding the right command – How can I do this?!?

So far we have learned that PowerShell is a object-oriented scripting language, whose aim it is to offer an easy API to complex tasks via predefined Cmdlets and on the other hand to be the ONE tool, which can perform every task in a Windows Environment. In the first place this only means that one does not have to reinvent the wheel for every task that you would like to solve with the help of PowerShell. So it is essential to find and pick the right command of the existing ones for your task.

Mhmm ok, but how is this even possible, as there are three major ways to gather and manipulate relevant data and write software within in the Windows Universe plus the layer above those three with the PowerShell-Cmdlets and therefore a almost endless flood of information. Continue reading “Not Finding Nemo, but Finding PowerShell-Functions and Solutions”



Lets get started with some basics:

From cmd.exe to powershell.exe – Some background

Most of you will know the comand line interface tool cmd.exe, which has been published in all Windows NT operating systems and is similar to the Unix-Shell. With the cmd.exe the user can start some programms like ipcofig, telnet or others. Morever there are certain commands which can for example alter and display the filesystem (dir, mkdir).

Maybe the biggest feature is the possibilty to use Pipes just as in the Unix-Shell. Pipes (“|”) give you the ability to pass on the return values of one process to another process. Continue reading “Power-What…?”

What is this blog about…?

Hello Everyone,

welcome to “Learn the Power(of)Shell”!

I do not really want to tell you what this blog is about. Feel free to find it out on yourself.

But I would like to give you some hints, for a first impression:

PowerShell itself is a topic, which is primarily related with IT operations (installing and maintaining a windows based environment). But as this is a very complex task and the technical opportunities of the PowerShell scripting language are increasing, PowerShell scripts are getting more and more complicated. Therefore it will become essential to adapt the engineering approach of software development for PowerShell-Scripting.

This blog will start you off with some ideas regarding the topic: “PowerShell Scripting goes Software Development”

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming articles.

Best wishes

P.S.: If you are interested in some topics, please publish them in the comments. I will try to consider them in my next articles.
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